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George Benson

Ron Pennington

Dr. George Benson was the first superintendent of the Centennial School District. His vision and leadership of the Centennial School District made us a well known and respected school district. George was passionate about education and making sure our students received the best learning experience possible. He led our district for 18 years and during that time he co-founded the Centennial Educational Foundation.

Ron Pennington became a full time volunteer of the Centennial School District in 1992. He loved being around the students and spent many hours just being "there" for them. Ron was a co-founder of the Centennial Educational Foundation and was the foundation President for many years. His drive and passion truly made a difference in the school district and Ron will always be remembered as a voulunteer extraordinaire.

During its history, the Foundation has assisted Centennial students by: 


  • Awarding college scholarships to outstanding graduating seniors

  • Supporting exemplary teaching with the awarding of classroom grants

  • Helping to purchase school supplies
  • Opening CLOSET TO CLOSET to provide clothing for our students
  • Providing funding for field trips... and much more!


Centennial Educational Foundation

was founded in 1992 to enhance educational opportunities for

Centennial students.

about the foundation...

Dr. George Benson

Current Board Members:

  • Jody Bringhurst, President

  • Kristi Kelly, Treasurer

  • Cal Abts

  • Vicki Dettmann

  • Laurie Ernstrom

  • Cheryl Geddis

  • Debbie Huecker

  • Annette McDowell

  • Mark Porterfield

  • Bill Pound

  • Rina Salas

  • Cindy Wood



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